Conventional Fairway and Tees

The conventional aeration process is usually performed at depths under 5 inches and is targeted toward thatch management and root development, using smaller and shallower holes to achieve the best results.

Turf and Soil Management features two Toro Pro-Core 864 Conventional Aerators for more efficient service on large projects. The Toro ProCore 864 Conventional Aerator features precision-balanced coring heads, RotaLink tine guide system and an impact resistance system to ensure smooth, quiet and powerful operation. The Toro ProCore 864 utilizes ¼ – ¾ inch tine size, quad block 2×2 spacing and aerates 30,000 square feet per hour.

And for an added advantage, Turf and Soil Management features not one, but four of these Toro top-of-the-line aeration systems, allowing us to aerate up to 40 acres per day and complete your project even faster.



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