Golf course autonomous mowing and turf care

Your business and reputation are built on the quality of your course. Keep golfers coming back time and time again with a high-quality, well-maintained golf course. With more than 25 years of experience in autonomous turf care, Husqvarna has the robotic mowers you need to stay on the cutting edge of course maintenance. Our wide selection of mowers provide a high-quality cut on fairways and rough, while our 500-series professional handheld equipment keeps the rest of your course pristine.

Benefits for the course

  • Improved turf quality
  • Free up time and focus on the details
  • Multiple mowing heights: multiple areas, easy scheduling
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Lower cost of ownership: Reduced labor and fuel costs
  • Increased safety: No risk of mowing unsafe slopes or being struck by golf balls
  • Easy maintenance
  • No risk of hydraulic fluid leaks
  • Use of fleet services app to control all mowers at all times

Ushering in a new era of course maintenance

The future of turf care management involves autonomous solutions.¬†Hear from Dan Meersman, Chief Planning Officer & Director of Grounds and Facilities for The Philadelphia Cricket Club, as he shares his experience of implementing 35 autonomous mowers across the club’s golf courses. The Husqvarna fleet of commercial autonomous mowers eliminates time spent mowing the grass so crews can focus on other aspects of the property.